Drive your projects with confidence

Lead your projects using my expertise, access to industry leading tools and techniques to start new ventures or close existing projects.

Scaling your stack to improve your ROI

The projects that I plan to take on are industry agnostic and what drives me to essentially to take up a project in the first place is its viability to put my theories into executable action.

One-on-One Coaching

Everyone starts somewhere. As a part of One-on-One coaching, we dive into streamlining your workflows and automate your processes from scratch

Strategic Customizing

Having trouble organizing your sales customer relationship management (CRM) tool? Let me help your strategically customize your stack.

Optimizing & Training

Unlimited tools keep your team always in a dilemma to pick the right tool. Let me help your team decided and utilize the best tools available.

asana consulting


Have you ever imagine the benefits that accumulate when many of your needs are well-accommodated by a single tool? Asana does it all for my needs. It’s my go to productivity tool, that gives me clarity each day while saving me time and reducing my daily cost.

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pipedrive consulting


Your customers are lifeline of your business, and choosing the right Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), can improve their business. I use Pipedrive daily to juggle several clients and prospects all at once. It’s great for keeping tracks of sales activities.

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zapier consulting


One of the hardest thing for busy people like you is to automate daily tasks. Every once in a while, you wish that someone could automate those tasks for you or your business. I’d love to take you on the journey to empower yourself with Zapier task automation.

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laravel consulting


Laravel web framework is designed to be expressive, elegant and powerful. Learning each and every tool for laravel is hard. From getting started to deployment, let me guide you through the daily challenges of DevOps for your small to medium size business.

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amazon web services consulting


Risk after pandemic has different meaning for businesses. Transitioning into cloud infrastructure can be challenging. Your business can leverage my experience, tools & techniques, and lessons learned that can help you scale and grow.I can help you move your business to the cloud.

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