Automate Your Work with Zapier.

Zapier is a great tool for automating your workflows. I have been using it for a few years now and have enjoyed all of its features and I think it’s a great way to get started with automation.


Since last 5 years, Zapier has been helping me reach my goals. I automate my systems, processes and workflows with Zapier, saving me hours of manual labor. Zapier reduces errors in accounting, managing my orders, invoices and add sales leads to my CRM. With Zapier, I’d be glad to help you save millions of minutes, and help you do more, with less.

Let me help you build the right stack for you.

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Every business has workflows manual or semi-automated. Marketing, operations, sales, HR – every department is full of them, but there's always something which can make your life easier.

Zapier is the web's leading third-party automation tool. Do something in one app, and it will trigger an action in another. Simple, right?

It allows you to create integrations between other apps. You can think of this as a bridge to connect all your programs, and you would like to integrate your other apps and then tell Zapier what you want to accomplish. Zapier takes care of the operations and integration, so you're not stuck with no coding or require to hire a staff of developers to keep things working.

At the heart of Zapier is API's talking between actions and triggers. It's a cause and effect model, the cause would be your trigger, and the effect is the action. A Zap is an automated workflow-based system between your apps. Think of it as the entire process, and it will always have at least two parts: the trigger and the action.

Triggers are events of software that initiate a workflow. What's important here is that Zapier will actively look for them once you've set it up. The action is whatever steps the Zap takes. Zaps can have multiple activities and even work in numerous programs off the same trigger.

With this, Zapier lets you integrate different tools so they can "talk" to one another. When you automate almost every little thing about your business, they can add up to substantial productivity gains. It's time to use Zapier to reduce accounting errors and manage your orders, invoices, stock updates, and add sales leads to your CRM.

What some in workflow automation industry are talking about?

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"Awesome experience. Himanshu has a world of knowledge and is so exceptionally patient! I am beyond thrilled at the service I received. He was quick to get a zoom call and explain everything and get the job done."
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Save thousands of hours with my Zapier automation solutions for your business, and there’ll be no limit to what you can achieve

  • ✔ Create automatic invoices for fast and organized tracking
  • ✔ Convert your prospects efficiently & take stress out of sales
  • ✔ Set meetings with clients with an automated booking
  • ✔ Run your business workflow fully integrated & automated
  • ✔ Keep the books balanced and error-free
  • ✔ Nurture your leads from start to finish


When you work with me, I’ll show you new ways to save time, money and resources. I’ll help you to :

Analyze your existing technology stack : I’ll start by reviewing your existing Zaps to make sure they're well structure and optimized, and identify opportunities to integrate apps, so you don't spend more than you need to.

Find creative solutions to workflow problems : I’ll set up and test new Zaps to make sure all your tasks and workflows are linked and work well together. I’ll automate processes you’re currently doing manually to save time and money.

Create efficiencies within standard work processes : I’ll show and teach you how to be a Zapier guru. I’ll provide you with custom training materials to walk you through the process of creating Zaps, so you understand how it works.

Grow through ongoing support : As you’re making a significant change to how your business operates, I want to make sure you succeed in the long-run. I’ll provide you ongoing resources and work with your team to keep delivering results.

Why work with me?

I’m a Zapier certified consultant. I'm a huge automation geek and I'm constantly on the lookout for opportunities to optimize workflows and automate tedious tasks. I'd love to help you to save time and money.

I’m a pro. I’ve been using Zapier to provide solution to startup business since 2014. I have successfully automated workflows for 100+ clients, I have 150 active subscribers to my Zapier consulting service, and I’ve gotten amazing feedbacks.

Don’t throw money away. When you are wasting time, you’re throwing money away. Work with me and let me show you how to save time and start making more money. Your prospects and clients will have nowhere else to turn to.

Proactive recommendation. You don’t know what you don’t know. You probably don’t know a lot of thing about Zapier and what it could be used for. I’ll recommend features and Zapier integration that will help you close more deals, and you’ll never miss out on those opportunities again.

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I am sure, you've many questions to ask :

Here are quick FAQs that will answer most of your early-stage questions. If anything else pops up, that you think I've not answered here. Please feel free to chat with me here.

01. What does it take to use Zapier?

Using Zapier is pretty easy. Order my consulting service and I’ll help you integrate apps, and automate your workflow to make sure everything is well organized and easy to manage. Even if it takes you a longer time to learn, I offer long-term support.

02. How do I know if your consulting is right for me?

Hopefully you’ve understood how Zapier could help you automate your workflow and increase productivity. I’m here to help you reach your goals. I have helped several organizations setting up Zaps and close more deals. I have the experience and I’m here to make it work for you too.

03. Do you work with startup businesses?

Yes, I work with startup businesses. Today, I’ve worked with over xx startup business and xx big businesses from various industries. My consulting service is not limited to established business, I’m interested seeing startup businesses becoming bigger through the results I deliver to them using Zapier.

04. How much do you charge for consulting?

You don’t have to worry about your pocket, my prices are reasonable. I charge hourly rate. You can get started working with me for a decent price. I'll consider student, military and other discounts.

05. Do you offer ongoing consulting services?

Yes, I’m always available to help you through anything concerning Zapier. I’m just a call away. Many clients ask me to help with other areas of their business, and particularly automating their workflows.

06. What do you charge for your consulting service?

You don’t have to worry about your pocket, my prices are reasonable. I charge hourly rate. You can get started working with me for a decent price. I'll consider student, military and other discounts.