Why I stopped talking about Astrology & Saturn's Sade-Sati

#saturn sade sati


You might be wondering why I stopped writing about Saturn & Sade Sati. Around April 2022, I started a series about my understanding of Astrology and a series on Sade Sati. As you know, Sade Sati is a great time in our lifetime. In my personal opinion, it's a fantastic time to understand yourself. My initial thought was to reveal my understanding of Sade Sati & Saturn. I've learned from experts and brought a different perspective into the modern-day society of this fear created in our generation. My knowledge and understanding of Sade Sati aren't limited to fears that get pushed in today's society.

I stepped back and looked at the feedback and decided not to reveal these great insights into it. I believe today's generation can't handle this type of information. So, I decided to step back and move in a different direction. I've spent my lifetime knowing and experimenting with three hobbies. The first is Astrology, the second is programming, and the third is fitness. Although I've learned a lot from my experiences, I feel like I am only capable of talking about programming for now.

Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to give insight into the other two sides; for now, I'll leave this topic alone. If you are going through Sade Sati or require guidance, please book some time. I'll be able to share many resources to help you navigate it.