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Why does my CRM Suck?


The Best CRM Software for 2022

This is a question many people ask. We now live in an era where sales are automated, but a lot of people are not aware of how to grow their business with a sales pipeline. Today you’ll see, in great detail, how Pipedrive can be used in your business, every step of the way, from lead generation to recovering lost leads.

Finding a simple, affordable, easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) system can be a challenge for small and medium-sized businesses. Pipedrive is the best CRM, and it has been my go-to CRM as a Pipedrive consultant. When I say it’s the best, I mean it. Pipedrive fan base is enormous; perfect for small and medium businesses, it helps to track what part of the buying cycle your prospects are in.

Pipedrive has tons of integration that make merging different tools into one workflow easy. I’ve had a lot of people come to me for Pipedrive consulting, I’ve helped them create their own sales pipeline and they have grown bigger.

Imagine trying to track prospects in excel or some other program not specifically built for lead tracking — that sounds quite stressful and time-wasting. When you start using Pipedrive, it is important you set up your deal stages right, this helps you identify and define the various stages that your prospects will go through to convert from a lead to a sale.

It’s not just about imagining your sales process and pipeline, Pipedrive is also an ideal system for keeping all your transactions with your leads and prospects. For instance, when a lead signs up for your webinar or downloads a brochure, a record gets created automatically on Pipedrive, then your sales team can see that a lead has been created and start nurturing the lead. To understand Pipedrive terminologies and how these terms relate to and interact with each other, you might need the help of a Pipedrive consultant, as this goes a long way in helping you get the most out of Pipedrive.

In Pipedrive, “Deal” is a specific sales opportunity with a prospect. It is the building block of all you have to do in Pipedrive. This is where you have information like the company, point of contract, estimated value, projected final close date. This tends to form the central record of truth for all sales opportunities in Pipedrive.

You must have been hearing about Pipeline, and wonder what it means. Your Pipeline is your organized, visual way of tracking multiple potential buyers as they progress through different stages in the purchasing process. Pipedrive allows you to have multiple sales pipelines — separate pipelines for different products or services.

Your Pipedrive contact is an umbrella that covers people and organizations. People are specific individuals, and Pipedrive lets you see basic information about them; job titles, phone numbers, email, address, and scheduled meetings — and they are related to the organizations they work for. Pipedrive lets you see the address, deal history, active deals, and people associated with an organization.

Activities in Pipedrive consist of anything that needs to be done to close a specific deal — steps, actions, or tasks. This could be meeting in-person, following up, quotation, presentation, etc. You can view your activities when they are due or upcoming. Pipedrive lets you schedule new activities in a number of ways, from within a deal, person, or organization.

Getting more out of Pipedrive

As a certified Pipedrive consultant, I’ve found that one of the best ways to improve the sales process is using several Pipedrive integrations. I use Pipedrive to streamline the operations of businesses that have come for my Pipedrive consulting service. Pipedrive was designed to increase your productivity and supercharge your sales process with its multifunctionality. Let’s dive into some Pipedrive integrations that can make things easier for your sales team and help you save you some time.


This allows you to connect your web apps and automate time-consuming tasks within them — when A happens, it does B. For example, when a prospect signs up for my newsletter, add their contact to a Trello card. By integrating Zapier into Pipedrive, you can connect more than 500 web apps and create a workflow with unlimited steps. There’s one thing you can be sure about when you use Zapier — you’re going to save time.


This is an email service that allows you to design, automate and analyze your email message campaign. MailChimp helps you create professional, branded emails and see how your audience relates with them. It also allows you to send emails to a target group with just a click using specific lists, without the hassle of searching for contacts.

Google Apps

Google offers several cloud-based services that make team collaboration easy. Documents, spreadsheets, calendar appointments, emails, slideshow presentations, and many more can be created with Google apps, shared, and stored from any device. Google apps allow for easy synchronization, when you update one, the other one synchronizes automatically.

Facebook Ads

Integrating Facebook ads with Pipedrive automates your marketing. The integration works seamlessly with all other integrations to generate valuable data, track your ad performance at all levels, and see how they are converting into actual sales. To ensure the most useful information from leads, the fields included in your Ad form should match the fields in your Pipedrive People profile.


This is a collaborations tools, perfect for managing projects where multiple team members are involved. It makes it easy to monitor all actions and follow up on tasks. Trello Pipedrive integration enables you to pass key sales information to other departments of your organization without leaving Pipedrive. It also helps to keeps your sales team focused on Pipedrive, and all your processes updated company-wide at the same time.


Talkdesk allows you to personalize client and prospect calls and instantly display their information and contact history. This helps you to keep up-to-date information about your clients by automatically syncing contacts, activities, and notes within Pipedrive. Talkdesk helps you create a digital call center to save time and improve communications with your prospects.


This sale tool collects information from your leads when they start their journey with you. It identifies and collects information like prospects’ company names when they visited your website, and even actions they took when they visited. It identifies, segments, and scores your prospects based on their behavior and data, so you know the buying cycle they belong to and treat them accordingly.

Dealbot for Slack

This enhances team collaboration; using this integration, your team will be able to send and receive instant updates on deals. This is ideal for monitoring and coordinating multiple deals amongst two or more teams or for keeping everybody informed about what’s going with a deal — no more meetings or lengthy emails with your sales teams. Dealbot automatically handles everything directly within Slack, and the information gets passed around in your Pipedrive dashboard.

There are many other awesome Pipedrive integrations to help you improve your sales process. I’ve been offering Pipedrive consulting service for years, and I can tell you this is a good chance to keep your sales team on track.

Being an experienced Pipedrive consultant, Pipedrive is the best CRM to ensure your leads don’t fall through the crack or get stale; it highlights leads that need follow-up. Pipedrive is easy to learn and use when to subscribe to the right Pipedrive consulting service. It gives the right mix of simplicity and information. The sweet, clean, and minimal layout of the Pipedrive interface makes it easy to navigate.

Another cool feature of Pipedrive I love is revenue forecasting. The estimation tools give me some real and accurate data that helps me figure out the potential income based on the current sales process.

Don’t be afraid to automate daily tasks — you’ll be grateful for your sales figures at the long run. Using Pipedrive doesn’t cost much, Pipedrive normally gives a 14-day free trial. You are definitely missing out on deals, you need to leverage today’s technology to stay well organized, more productive, and close more deals.

I’m a Pipedrive consultant that gives goal-driven recommendations. I have been here and there; I have used a lot of CRM and I’ve found Pipedrive is the best. You probably don’t know a lot of things about Pipedrive and what it could be used for. If you need Pipedrive consulting, I’ll recommend features and Pipedrive integration that will help you close more deals, and you’ll never miss out on those opportunities again.

Life is too short for dull tasks — automate your day, say goodbye to data entry — and say hello to Pipedrive. My Pipedrive consulting service will help you stay productive in your inbox, while you automate all your tedious works in Pipedrive.