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SadeSati, Free Will or Destiny?

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Learning about Saturn's Sade sati and going through one are two different things altogether. In today’s post, I’d like to discuss an amazing interaction between choosing, whether to do things the world wants you to do or something your heart really wants you to do. Here is a quick journey of my Sade Sati second month, and the truth about living your free-willed life. In this short write-up, I’ll go over a few details, and how I’ve overcome my decision-making techniques when it comes to choosing between heart and mind during Sade sati

Do you have free will or is it destiny?

Let's start by asking a million-dollar question. Do you have free will or is it destiny? I've fallen multiple times into this trap and found myself building back up again. Almost rags to riches and then back to rags. The mistakes I kept making were the following. I was following norms. As every kid does in their teens and tweens. I exactly followed the guide society has given us, to go to school, learn the values of today's society, marry young, have kids, and then eventually die trying. I've found a "cheat code" per se in all of this and started to reverse engineer my behavior by learning these old techniques and re-engineering them into modern society.

I feel like Sade Sati is a time 3ice in our life to get a true feeling of being free-willed if you understand the concept of Sade Sati. My Sade Sati started in late April, as this is the second month of my Saturn's sade sati. I've been experiencing many blocks, and seem to be a rebel of sorts to get through and make changes in my life. I've started to learn the boundaries that come with Sade Sati. Saturn blocks something, and that something could be anything during your time of Sade Sati. Let me quickly give u an example of this with a life event you might be experiencing. In our life, we experience maybe 10-15 dark events or tragedies that shape our lives. Now take that with a grain of salt, as these events aren't that bad, or maybe two-three might be death-like situations rest of them just shape us in a way to the way we behave or make decisions in society. So questions again come up, were these events due to bad timing, or did destiny choose it, or is it our free will.

Let me come to a quick conclusion on this, as my brain starts to deep dive into it more, and I've no more content to get you addicted and churn your brain into these things, I feel like we're truly free during three stages of our life. One is Saturn's Sade Sati (71/2 years run thrice in our lifetime), Saturn's Dhaiya (2 1/2 years) when Saturn is in 4th or 8th from the moon, and lastly during our Saturn's Mahadasha. My personal advice, if you stop by here to learn about sade sati, and the rough time you're having in your life. This is exactly the time to just close your eyes and do the hard work. It's the best time of your life, you'll never get back. Your success is a guaranteed one. It's also Himanshu's approval.

Again, these are my personal observations of Sade Sati, and now that I've deep dive into it. I'll start adding more content slowly, share my day-to-day experience, and document my Sade Sati.