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Sade Sati First Month

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Sade Sati's first phase has started for me. Moving towards a great time of free will and understanding true free will among other things happening in our life during these times. From what I've experienced starting April 12th, 2022, was a great time to internalize emotions and look within to understand the issues capturing your mind. As per sages, and my research this phase is all about the head and some sort of pressure.

While this pressure is quite unknown to most of the audience, I've had this pressure since early childhood. As I was born under Uttar-Bhadrapada Nakshatra. Being born in Shani's Nakshatra & Shani's Dasha starting at an early age. I am quite familiar with this unusual stress. Sometimes, laughter becomes the best remedy for some. I would really recommend watching some comedy shows, or actually being around some humorous personalities.

First Phase - April 12th - May 12th - 1st Month

As my sade sati started in early April 2022, the first phase starts with the head moving into the body in the second phase and leaves by foot in the third stage. In this phase, I am starting to write my first phase experience on monthly basis. This will be a great experience to read the short one-month summary and gives you a wider grasp of basic dasha itself. These posts are for people who know Sade Sati and can comprehend and understand what Sade Sati exactly means.

This is quite common, your brain goes dull. A weird feeling of unknownness, anxiousness, and worries start to occur during this phase. Initially, you have some type of righteous feelings. I had this first experience past month, as I was starting to develop this mindset of going beyond my ability to achieve a few things on my own.

Feel free to share your story with me. I am happy to chat and discuss anything related to Vedic astrology, as I am always a student, not a teacher.