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How is caffeine a fantastic remedy for Rahu



Let’s get started with today’s weekly nugget with something different and a very interesting life lesson I’ve learned in the past few years. Lately, caffeine has been in the news. As a consumer of daily coffee since WFH has actually improved my life. There are crazy benefits, yet I’ll share my experience with caffeine by explaining three benefits that improved my brain, daily activity, and a good night's sleep to balance my hormones.

Quickly before I discuss anything, please feel free to contact me for any type of consultation. Caffeine is a type of chemical, that acts as Mars & Rahu combined. Now you’re probably thinking, you know Mars, yet what’s Rahu. I’ve added the link for your reading pleasure. 

Brain Focus 

Focus is a major role in today’s world, as we get exhausted with distractions, and minute-by-minute notifications bombarded through our phones and various devices around us. One day, I asked my teacher (Guru) to answer about Rahu and hormones. As my research into Rahu is deep and wanted to know the exact meaning of Rahu’s role in changing our hormones. Rahu is one of the biggest factors that plays role in changing hormones. As to deal with today’s challenges, you can see people using puberty blockers to get gender changes. Rahu plays an important role in it. Let’s get back to Caffeine in this instance. Rahu the addictive energy gets very bold when stimulated with chemicals. If you’ve Rahu in an amazing house, say 11th house. It’s great to enhance it. Your energy level becomes amazing to gain focus on things you’d like to achieve. If you’ve Rahu placed in a bad house, say 8th house then be careful, as it pertains to secret addictions. I’d refrain from caffeine. Rahu is also great for sweating it out.

Daily Activity 

Let’s jump into the topic of Daily Activities, and how caffeine plays a part in understanding that caffeine, our bodies are always in motion and hyper state. This is where we’ve to exhaust our body’s fluids by replacing them with a few miles of running or rigorous exercises. This is where we need to invoke Mars (martian) energy to cater to the replenishment of sweat and rejuvenate the hormones. As stated previously, Rahu is pure hormones in our body. His role is majorly believed to be related to mood swings and things that make us act upon. Doing daily exercises calms the energy of Rahu and culminates in energy to tackle and focus on things that are important in our life. Caffeine plays a big role in many Americans life’s, yet they are not using it to the fullest extent of its benefits. Let’s talk about how our system works with hormonal balance with a good night's sleep.

Good Night's sleep to balance hormones

As per research, there is conflicting information on a good night's sleep. I feel like, five hours are enough for an active body to replenish energy and hormonal balance. As per my own research, tried and tested it multiple times. I suggest ensuring you’re having a minimum of five hours of sleep during nighttime. You can squeeze in a nap or two during the daytime to feel the great effects of it. Rahu is nightly energy, as it comes in cruel energy similar to Ketu and Saturn. I consider all cruel planets friendly, as they teach us a very important lesson in our lives. I found an article related to Sleepless Nights. There are plenty of articles for the following issues, and to make the best out of your Rahu energy using Mars to exercise and Saturn to repeat daily keeps your hormones balanced and keeps your life going. 

I am not a doctor, and I recommended anyone to try these without a doctor's consultation. These are my personal observations and comments based on Vedic Astrology.