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How are diamonds created? Time to discuss sadesati’s pressure of time.

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Let’s start this nugget about sade sati by knowing there is no time to waste in life. We’re all bound to our clocks, calendars, and monthly or yearly weather cycles. In all honest opinion, mother nature is timeless. Yes, that’s the truth, let’s get rid of clocks, calendars, and everything else in the world. You meet the actual pressure of time when you’ve nothing but yourself and time to invest in yourself. This is what we’ll talk about in this post regarding the pressure of time and how Saturn keeps us occupied in the beginning part of 2.5 years by mentally draining our capability and showing us the actual value of time. So let’s discuss this topic and see how Saturn's sade sati begins with pressure mentally. 

Pressure of time

Firstly, I’d like to thank you because these posts are invaluable to an ordinary person but a gem for those researching these topics. I have been following general sky since 2012 using astrology software and a stupid class I took in college about astronomy. My knowledge goes back 10 years, almost to the point where I’ve been watching every move in the sky, more significant events in my life, and today’s celebrities. There is a specific reason why these topics aren’t the norm in today’s society, but they are being talked about as they are cult or community-based knowledge. There are religions based on these Sky movements, and festivities are celebrated according to these movements as well. One day, we’ll deep dive into those, but let's come back to my original topic of the pressure of time.

You’ve learned so far about sade sati and the period of 7 1/2 years. You wonder if the problems persist for 7 1/2 years, or do we get some relief in between these times. To answer that correctly, let's look at each planet's movement and learn about these planets' forward motion. Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter Saturn move forward and backward, yet Sun and Moon are the only ones that move forward. This is when these planets come closer to the earth, and Sun also comes closer to the world in winters. As it shifts seasons in the north. This information is available to general astronomy students. There are some amazing planetary movements happening in the sky. You should follow the sky to learn more. Now Rahu & Ketu are just imaginary points that only go backward or have steady movement in the sky. This is where the mystery lies because they are the North Node & South Node of the moon. Now that we’ve learned a bit about planets and their motion let's talk about how these movements in Sadesati. Saturn, when going backward, doesn’t have much less control over our karma, as his Retrograde is also “Redoing” something. It’s kind of like correcting itself. So here is a quick tip to understand retrograde cycles. Anything that was going bad will have a reversal or attempt to redo itself. I always think it’s either a double down or a reversal of something. I will discuss this in greater detail in some other posts. 

Value of Time & Money

You’ll not be a billionaire in this lifetime. Here I said it. Moreover, it’s not coming from my mouth, your planet says it all. Aren’t we all greedy for something? Now here is the pressure of time that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Saturn’s qualities are disciplinary and very cold-hearted. So he doesn’t care about hot/cold, light/dark, or white/black. He understands the hard work, hard work to survive. As soon as your Saturn’s Dasha starts, you will definitely have setbacks. Any setback that you can learn from and grow from it. Imagine a time when suddenly something gets taken away, or you really want something that you need gets blocked or taken away. Yes, that’s Saturn showing you the desperation of not having it, and it’s showing you the value of that thing. It can be anything, usually something of monetary value or someone close to you. This is where you can see how we start valuing things around us.

In conclusion, No you will not be punished for the whole seven and half years, because of saturn’s retrograde movement. Although you will get to understand the movement Saturn gives you fruits of your karma, either by doubling down in retrograde motion, or reversing the situation.

These are my observations, and I feel like this post has opened up a pandora's box and lots of questions you might have. I offer free consultations on such great topics. Feel free to schedule some time on my calendar.