Google Ranking Dropped Dramatically after adding Cloudflare

#Google Analytics

#Search Engine Optimization

A few days ago, I saw some of my sites lost ranking out of nowhere. As I was concerned, I checked analytics, performed searches, kept thinking of changes I've recently made with DNS settings, and added WAF security using Cloudflare. I usually don't think traffic from some sources is relevant to me, so I keep the bots and unknown users away. After a few weeks of my research, here is a quick answer I've found it makes sense to me & keeps google and other known bots happy with my sites.

I followed the following steps to rectify the issue.

  1. Let's look at a few things before you add Cloudflare to your site. Make sure to add the correct DNS on your Domain Servier Provider (DSP).
  2. Adding my current requirements or audience to the site, and make sure I am blocking other bots
  3. The third is to add "Known Bots" to your list, because Google, Bing & DuckDuckGo bots are knowns to Cloudflare, and will not block them. (See pic above)

That's it for a weekly nugget this week. Hope you've an awesome day!