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What happens during the first phase of Sade Sati

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Apologies for being delayed in posting this article. This week’s nugget belongs to Saturn’s entrance into the 11th house from your moon. This is where Saturn enters with golden legs to fulfill your wishes of your own Karma. This time starts with a bang, and almost you’ll find the time to reap the results of your good Karma. In my observation, this time almost feels like you’re reaping the fruits of your hard work. This time comes around 4-6 times in your life, because our karmic debt allows only fifteen percent happiness from Saturn, and eighty-five percent of sorrows are related to our karmic debt owed to our close ones. In one of my research, mostly this time starts in life with many wishes coming true and the fruits of hard labor start getting paid. Although these are fruits of the past life or past few years depends on your independent journey of yours. I discourage anyone from taking things for granted and keep working hard during happy times, because my goal is to make you understand, how Sade Sati is not how people (astrologers) describe it to be on the internet. It’s truly a time of “Free Will” challenging ideas and breaking the momentum of your own habits. 

You’d notice I didn’t start with the 12th house Saturn from the moon because here we’re discussing Saturn's position in a good sign remember Saturn’s 3rd drishti (gaze) activates itself from the 11th house as well. This is where the game changes, and we underestimate Saturn’s golden legs. 

Let's start with the story of King Vikram Aditya and his story, because writing about Saturn and not talking about the king’s story, will not do complete justice in explaining Sade Sati’s effects. I am going to leave a link here to listen to the story in Hindi. There is a famous book “The Greatness of Saturn” by Dr. Robert Svoboda, I’ll leave a link here so that you can get familiar with the subject and more remedies. Now those links can help you understand the logic behind Sade Sati’s effects on your personal life, I’ll discuss a pattern that occurs when your dasha starts. This can help you judge your own life. 

Let's begin by researching what happens in the 3rd Drishti of Saturn.

Saturn drishti (gaze) literally looks at you, just like you are looking into your own soul's soul. This might feel very odd to be talking about a soul's soul. I might be shedding a voice into a philosophical bent of argument here, but imagine you look at your soul, outside of your body. There isn't an easier way to explain this, but imagine a human being watching themselves and their behavior from outside and being judged for their behavior. Now that's an opening to Saturn's 3rd drishti (gaze) in words. I will explain more about this, once we start learning about the other 2 drishti (gaze) of Saturn.

Now that you have an idea of the 3rd drishti (gaze) let's begin by researching what happens in the 3rd drishti of Saturn. Here Saturn evaluates the moon to see how strong is your moon, moon is associated with our manas (mind) and how have you been training your (mind) moon to handle the situation or curve balls, he’ll be throwing at you in Sade Sati’s time. He takes about 2.5 years to move in and out of your 11th house from the moon. He is very capable of being given the authority to answer to your wishes, because he’s in the 11th house with golden legs, yet he’s there consuming all the information from your moon to understand your karma. Notice I said, he’s taking his time to read in and out of your moon. It’s one special power Saturn has to gain insight into your (mind) moon. it’s almost like, Saturn has unlimited access to your mind from this position. 

Now let's think for a second and realize that two and half years is a lot of time, and things change rapidly in a day-to-day environment. How's he fulfilling my wishes for two and half years?

I'd say something here, that no one would talk about in real-world scenarios. You've to be more of a philosopher to understand greater philosophies of the mundane world to understand that in today's multi-dimension world, Saturn is still the king. He controls your frustrations, he's in control of your wants, needs, and everything that has to do with time. Now you'll be thinking that I am the crazy one talking my brains out in this post.. so I'll let you chew upon this information, give you some more time, and will continue about this topic in my next nugget.